Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Death Spiral

The light at the end of the tunnel equates to consciousness spiraling back to creation. Consciousness moves in spirals - remember the Fibonacci sequence is the hologram and binary code is the brain - aligning at "0" soon. Done!

Today the Death Spiral probably refers to 3 more months of campaigning as reality spirals out of control and existence ... Maybe if we says, "Please".

Death Spiral: 4th Phase of Life May Signal the End Is Near   Live Science - July 28, 2016

Biologists separate life into three phases: development, aging and late life. But a growing body of research now suggests that there is a fourth phase immediately preceding death that scientists have dubbed the "death spiral." Although most of the "death spiral" research has focused on fruit flies, scientists think these studies can offer valuable insight into the last stage of human life as well. A death spiral in people could be the reason we often see a distinct increase in disability just before a person dies. Humans are challenging study subjects for both ethical and biological reasons, but looking at the death spiral in other organisms could give scientists a window into how this works in humans. Genetic research continues.