Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Unconventional Convention Day 2 -
It's Official

Elephants produce several sounds, the most well known being the Trump-et, which is made during excitement, distress or aggression. The Lion will roar on Friday when Leo takes center stage, but Thursday night the elephant will trump-et as Trump gives his acceptance speech and the face/fate of history is forever changed. It's all just a game ... a game changer if you will ... following ... searching ... Pokemon GOP.

Tuesday night Donald Trump won the Presidential nomination on a roll-call vote.
Hundreds of delegates voted for other candidates (see video).

I watched Chris Christie makes his speech. He always looks sorrowful but now with reason as we know he was Trump's first choice for VP but was out because of the George Washington Bridge Scandal. Once that story made the press we all knew his chances for becoming president or VP were squashed. (Yet Hillary escaped prosecution). There will be other opportunities for Christie if/when Trump gets elected.

Last night, the speeches were just what you might have expected with greater emphasis on defeating Hillary than praising Trump who has yet to lay out his plans as to how he is going to achieve his goals. Politicians - and Trump may come one at some point - talk a good game but rarely deliver. So why do people think Trump will be different? Ah ... it's that word again ... "Hope". And yet most of know he could destroy civilization as we now it. Worth the risk vs. more of the same old ... same old. I vote Yes and let the chips fall where they may in end times.

Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert's late night shows did a great job mocking the RNC convention. Both opened with their impression of Trump taking the stage Monday night as the music played "We Are the Champions" by Queen who tweeted: "Use of the song at the Republican Convention was against our wishes."