Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Unconventional Convention
Day 1 - Plagiarism

Day 1 was surreal ... things to get getting worse over the next few days. Late night talk show hosts will have a field day with this over the days and weeks ahead especially Stephen Colbert who reunited with Jon Stewart.

There was chaos at the convention from the beginning as the delegates from Colorado walked out and who could blame them. All I could think was this was orchestrated by some secret government who runs the world. Trump campaign stops rules rebellion. This was unbelievable. Talk about things being rigged in Washington. Is the underlying agenda for the people in the US to rise up in the name of freedom - or to see how undemocratic we really are or something more that gets us out of here? It's like a bad "dream".

Things went from the not so sublime to the ridiculous to the unbelievable with Melania Trump's speech. What were they thinking to allow Melania - who we thankfully never hear from - to give this speech which is now under scrutiny because parts of it echoed Michelle Obama's address at the Democratic convention in 2008. There will be those who will defend her remarks as generic and voters who will understand the stupidity of it all. Don't make excuses for her.

To me this rivals the Kim/Kanya-Taylor Swift feud also unraveling in the press and social media - both part of reality TV as far as I am concerned ... as the rest of the world is crashing down around us. Trunp's children will also be keynote speakers and will say only good things about daddy as if we care. If daddy is elected he will rule like a Pharaoh ... ah ... maybe he is reliving a past life.

  Day 1 of GOP convention speeches: CNN vets the claims   CNN - July 19, 2016

Wednesday is the first day of Comic Con San Diego. Is there a message here ... Our reality is Sci-fi and nasty aliens are dictating this outcome?