Monday, July 25, 2016

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Score 1 for Team Brooklyn

Pokemon Go got Brooklyn man going, he says he got 'em all

Political Games and the DNC

Philly ... Filly

Not sure how enmeshed I want to get in the DNC in Philly, but things seem to be heating up along with the weather. You know I'm not a fan of Hillary for more reasons than Trump has mentioned. Actually it seems Trump has taken the lead over Hillary - like a horse race - and on some level of reality that feels right. Remember that a year ago I predicted he would take it all.

My message to Debbie Wasserman Schultz ... from one nice Jewish girl from the boroughs to another ... in reference to a nice Jewish boy (Bernie) ... get out while you can. Run Debbie ... run ... and I don't mean for political office. It's so easy to buy into the rhetoric. To be continued this week ...

The Missing Rings Materialize

Score One for Grandma, Noah and Z

Sunday July 24, 2016

What a busy and hot weekend this is been as temperatures across the country stay in the high 90's or more. I was home working in my nice cold air-conditioned apartment enjoying the company of wonderful clients. Love you guys!

As I finished the clients, my daughter Nikki called from her beachfront condo in Rhode Island where the heat was also brutal but the family had fun with friends on the beach.

Nikki was in tears because she had lost/misplaced both her engagement and wedding rings. Fear not ... Mom is great at finding things. And so I told her they were in her bedroom while assuring her they would be found. The family turned their search to the bedroom once again after having torn it apart. Still they found nothing.

Suddenly Noah, 10, said, "Maybe they went through a portal". At that moment my consciousness connected with the rings and Noah appeared to be right. I quickly told Z (guide) to get the rings and immediately bring them to the bedroom.

No sooner said than done ... when Ryan, Nikki's husband, shouted, "I found them!"

"Where were they?" Nikki asked walking over to Ryan who stood beside her night stand.

"Under the remote," he replied .

"But I looked there five times." she said, to which Noah replied, "They came back through the portal" ... as we all said, "Thank you Z!"

Everything in the hologram is showing us the illusion of time and reality.

Hottest summer ever ... The games we play to stay cool

Noah's brother Matthew, 13 this Friday, at sleep-away camp
Playing under the sprinklers with one of his counselors

Pics from Summer Camp