Friday, July 22, 2016

Leo, the Lion

July 22, 2016


Happy Birthday to the Crystalinks readers born in Leo.

Leo is a fixed fire sign ruled by the Sun.


The country is faced with a heat wave, so please be careful when and where you go. People have died.

  Extended Forecast for Late Summer and Early Fall: Warmth in the South and East; High Plains to Cool Off - July 22, 2016

Comic Con San Diego is live if you want to follow any of their sci-fi promotional adventures.

Also in media .
. I'm sure you read about the Roger Aisles scandal over at the FOX network. It should come as no surprise. Sexual harassment has always been part of big business especially in the entertainment industry where women are very hot and older men lustful. I wonder if this happened with any of those gay hot men and someone in power taking advantage of them to further their career.

We leave the RNC and move to the DNC on Monday then the drama continues in Rio with the 2016 Summer Olympics. The police in Brazil have arrested 10 people in a disorganized cell that they say were planning terrorist acts. Then there's doping, the Russians, diseases, water, crime, and so much more if you like that sort of thing. I don't.

Police in Brazil arrest group suspected of planning terror attack during Rio Games   Washington Post - July 22, 2016
Brazilian police have arrested 10 people suspected of planning terrorist attacks during the Rio Olympics. The 10, all Brazilians, had declared loyalty to the Islamic State and were communicating via cellphone messenger services Telegram and WhatsApp to plan attacks during the Summer Games, which open Aug. 5, Justice Minister Alexandre de Moraes told reporters. The arrests took place in 10 different states, and police issued arrest warrants for two more suspects

Backstory from the New York Times today...

One convention is over, and another looms. However riveting, or dull, you find them, this is certain: The modern-day quadrennial get-togethers are fleeting when compared with the Democrats' 16-day gathering in New York in 1924, the longest national political convention in U.S. history. The first days were spent narrowing the field of candidates to 16. Then - inside a 100-degree Madison Square Garden - began the lengthy roll calls.

Ballot after ballot brought bedlam and deadlock, and the country followed along on live radio. Spectators in the gallery spit on delegates below, brawls broke out on the floor and two governors got into a fistfight. Among the many divisions: pro-Prohibition versus anti-Prohibition, Catholics versus Protestants, rural versus urban. A debate on a resolution denouncing the Ku Klux Klan required 1,000 police officers to control the crowd. (The proposal passed by one vote and newspapers nicknamed the convention a "Klanbake.")

On the 12th day, the Democratic National Committee chairman fainted. Twice. A motion to adjourn and meet again in Kansas City, Mo., failed. After nearly 100 ballots, the two leading candidates - Gov. Alfred E. Smith of New York and former Treasury Secretary William G. McAdoo - gave up. On the record 103rd ballot, John W. Davis of West Virginia, a wealthy Wall Street lawyer, emerged victorious. (He was later handily beaten by President Calvin Coolidge.) A report in The Times said of the convention, "No trained animal was ever tortured like these delegates."

Let's move forward to 2016 ...

The Unconventional Convention Day 4 - Acceptance

In a country divided - Donald Trump made his case - passionately and humbly (his word) accepting the nomination for president and reiterating themes all delegates say and believe they can accomplish. The question remains - can he or Hillary turn the country around? I don't believe anyone can - but for all their faults - each would try. Trump cast himself as the savior of our nation during his 75-minute acceptance speech which he believes in or he would not have run for office. If you know one good thing about him ... he will work hard. As always I enjoyed his family. Their connection reads as sincere. He can thank them if he wins in November.

Watch the video because Trump is right.   Donald Trump's America: Scary but fixable   CNN - July 22, 2016
Donald Trump painted a foreboding picture Thursday of an America adrift as he accepted the Republican presidential nomination with a sober speech in Cleveland. He invoked a nation imprisoned by its own rotten political establishment and clawing special interests, at risk from terrorists who could be disguised as Syrian refugees and stalked by tens of thousands of illegal immigrant criminals. Trump has demonstrated a knack for channeling the nation's mood. His convention message is tailored for a country grappling with mounting anxiety over a rash of terror attacks at home and abroad, and a feeling that something is badly wrong after a spate of shootings of police officers, rising racial tensions and a globalized economy that has left many Americans behind. Trump's speech may have hit on a message that could propel him to the presidency.

  10 takeaways from Donald Trump's Republican Convention   CNN - July 22, 2016
Donald Trump painted a picture of a dystopian America -- and sold himself as the only one who can fix it.

If we wind up with another Republican Congress, Hillary will get little done while Trump will make inroads. Do we like Trump and Hillary? No. Do we know their shortcomings? Yes - or at least most of them. On we go next week to the Democratic National Convention featuring Hillary Clinton and her soon to be announced VP. People close to her campaign have signaled that it will be Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia, a popular politician from a battleground state. Democrats will make a good case for their candidate but it's a long road to November 8, 2016 and much will happen.

Don't you feel that time is accelerating at this level of conscious awareness while outside physical reality it is slowing down and about to stop ... more easily equated to being in an accident when your conscious leaves your body and time resets for you as you return to this part of the illusion.

Visualize a clock in your mind. What do you see? I see this ...

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