Saturday, July 30, 2016


Onto the 2016 Summer Olympics and their dramas. Enjoy ... Starts Friday night.

Nikki, Ryan, Matthew and Noah are coming by today to celebrate Matthew's 13th birthday. His Bar Mitzvah is Labor Day Weekend which I am spending in CT. I can't wait.

Politics ... is not unlike an earthquake waiting to suddenly happen and swallow the hologram with Trump pushing the numeric codes. Maybe that is his role in the program. No point in following the rhetoric. It will play out as programmed. I still see Trump winning as the country is desperate for change. He can't stop the insanity and the Earth changes. He could blow everything up as that is what we do - so stayed tuned to see how this chapter unfolds in ACT III.

  7.7-magnitude quake strikes Mariana Islands   CNN - July 30, 2016
Mariana Islands   Wikipedia