Sunday, July 3, 2016

Is anybody feeling patriotic?

Do our two presidential candidates make you wonder
about all things America is supposed to represent?

In the energy of the New Moon 12° Cancer - July 4th

It's time to have some fun somewhere out there ...


Z zapping Ellie to the 18th Century Grid

The guys look up at Ellie ... shocked by her 21 century garb.

Ellie explains her "appearance" in ever sense of the word but the guys seem leery.

"What type of witchcraft is this"? they asked.

Ellie tries to explain ...

"You're Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Hancock, correct?

And you can't quite figure out how you can get the Constitution to make sense?

Not to worry ... I'm here from the 21st Century and we still can't figure it out.

If I may suggest ... You could do this much faster if you had a computer ...

Ben the scientist, who likes a challenges, looks up electrified, "Explain yourself woman!"

Ellie gives it her best shot as one of the men grabs his musket.

Ellie reasons ... What should I say?

Ah yes ... flattery always works. She continues,

"It's been quite the bumpy ride since 1776."

"Your efforts were much appreciated as history remembers you with respect."

The guys are not convinced ... but when Ellie produces a pic of a UFO
One of the Founding Fathers admits to having seen something like it
after which he explored the phenomenon of electricity.

The others turn to him with alarm asking if she had put a spell on him?

So Ellie suggests ...

"Come with me on a journey into the future to see how it all turned out."

Always up for the challenge Ben suggests they take George along.

Ellie agrees knowing he would get a charge out of
his namesake city and national monument.

Off they went ...

There were oohs and aahs ... laughter and sadness
with comments about what their messages were really about.

"It's funny how history distorts truth," Ben said as the trip came to a crashing end.

George looked at Ellie ... "Can we travel beyond your timeline?"

Ellie smiled ...

Off they Gang of 5 went into the future ... What did they see? You decide.