Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Unconventional Convention Day 3 -
Cruz Overshadows Pence -
No Unity

Last night at the RNC

Everyone played out their roles exactly as scripted and most either lied or vented. The unity needed to help defect Hillary never happened. The Republican Party is falling apart - or simply adapting to the energies of the times.

    Lied ... Gov. Mike Pence's acceptance speech as Trump's running mate praising Trump.

    Vented ... (1) The delegates when Ted Cruz's speech overshadowed Pence's. (2) Cruz as he refused to endorse Trump and was booed off the stage - his wife, Heidi, having to be escorted out of the convention for her protection. In Cruz defense - his speech expressed what many Americans feel ... helpless and hating everything going on. On another level - Cruz is part of the take-down of the old political system and couldn't endorse someone he hates as much as Trump ... emotions ... emotions. I'm sure there's an emoji for this.

You may wonder why someone better qualified had not run for office in either party. Tom Brokaw answered that question but saying candidates today are put under a microscope and most people are not interested in exposing themselves and their families to that kind of scrutiny. Few people today are beyond reproach, and it's just not worth the risk especially in an age of social media and its effect on human consciousness.

Turning things around in this country in a time of global revolution is not for everyone or anyone. Hillary is so indoctrinated/programmed to be president, I often wonder if she realizes the mounting obstacles ahead and if its worth it at her age. It's a game she has played for decades with Bill - like being on a carousel unable to get off.

As you and I known - nothing can change what is already set in motion. Let's start with the oppressive heat wave facing the nation that grows worse each year. Climate and natural disasters are accelerating. The human climate grows weary - filled with frustration and anger - acting out. This is not just any chapter in human history - but is part of the final chapter of our experience here.

People wake up each day and hope for something positive in their lives and the world. They pray and meditate for peace ... There are good days and bad days or no days at all as time is the illusion..

  7 takeaways from wild night at GOP convention   CNN - July 21, 2016
Ted Cruz stole the show, and then Donald Trump stole it right back. The long, divisive primary of 2016 played out in one final, spectacular episode on live television Wednesday night on the floor of the Republican National Convention. Trump goaded Cruz on Twitter after the speech, writing: "Wow, Ted Cruz got booed off the stage, didn't honor the pledge! I saw his speech two hours early but let him speak anyway. No big deal!"

Trump is right. Destiny is taking over and truth will out... Trump is another player in the game who - like others before him - think they can save the nation and save the world. Sorry but that's not going to happen. We are all leaving.

July 21, 1978

Justin Bartha

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Justin Bartha is an American actor. Filmography

National Treasure was about the theme of our reality.
The Knights Templar protected a treasure eventually
hidden by American Freemasons as we move forward.
That pattern continues into this timeline with the 2016 Presidential election.