Thursday, July 14, 2016

Happy Bastille Day

Bastille Day and the Roles We Play

July 14, 1789

Bastille Day
The end of the Monarchy and the beginning of the First Republic

History of France

I have clearly seen myself being part of this experience - in different roles - as my Ellie Crystal consciousness merges into that part of the consciousness grids to experience the fight for freedom. I tend to observe turning points in history - whether the character I align my grid with to experience through - is male or female - famous or not - rich or poor - human or other - lives or dies. All the while I never lose sight of my identity here as an experiencer in a consciousness grid experience where history is once again about to happen. Enjoy the day if you are celebrating.

July 14, 2016

The history of France and the US have always been linked through the movement of the Masonic Program - Middle East to Europe to the Americas. Last week I saw the Broadway musical Hamilton starring Lin-Manuel Miranda. One of the featured players - who along with King George of England - were my two favorite characters - is Thomas Jefferson who is mentioned as having French connections.

As the story and screenplay goes .... When thousands of Parisians stormed Bastille prison on this day in 1789, an event celebrated as the start of the decade-long French Revolution, Thomas Jefferson, was there. Jefferson was appointed U.S. minister to France in 1785. In early 1789, he was a daily spectator of the States General, an assembly of nobles, clergy and citizens called by King Louis XVI to address an economic crisis. France's military and financial support for the American colonies had further sunk its own economy, bringing its government to the precipice. A food shortage and high taxes drove a mob to the Bastille, a medieval fortress, on July 14. "They took all the arms, discharged the prisoners, carried off the top two prison officials, cut off their heads, and sent them through the city in triumph to the Palais Royal," he wrote in letters sent to the U.S. The Marquis de Lafayette consulted Jefferson as he drafted France's "Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen," adopted soon afterward. The similarities between it and America's founding documents are striking.

Rainbow Breathing Whales Under the Golden Gate Bridge

From -- "Rainbow breathing whale" sounds like a mythical creature. On July 12th, Mila Zinkova of San Francisco saw one ... for real. She took this picture looking over the edge of the Golden Gate Bridge. "A few humpback whales crossed under Golden Gate Bridge and entered the Bay," says Zinkova. "Just then I saw their rainbow-colored sprays. It was beautiful!" This is not mythology. It's physics. When Zinkova took the picture, the sun was behind her back shining down into the droplet-filled exhaust of the whale's spout. Sunbeams reflecting from the water droplets produced a prismatic spray of color just like an ordinary rainbow. Of course it didn't look ordinary.

Today's pic from APOD reminds me of creation.

Spiraling consciousness bringing forth soul sparks of light - the top left looking like a fetus to me. The center is the white light many see as creation but to go beyond is a black hole through which objects in the simulation emerge to create the Holographic Universe.

July 14, 1952

Joel Silver

  Joel Silver   Google Videos

Joel Silver is an American film
producer, director. Filmography

I've made a lot of stupid action films, but when we made

The Matrix, we saw that people wanted more than that.

Joel Silver Quotes

July 14, 1862 - February 6, 1918

Gustav Klimt

  Gustav Klimt   Google Videos

Gustav Klimt was an Austrian painter. His primary
subject was the female body, and frank eroticism.

All art is erotic.

Gustav Klimt Quotes

Gustav Klimt Exhibit - Ellie at the Metropolitan Museum of Art - April 2016

The Leaders and the Followers

The Creators and the Players

Augmented Reality - We exist in a simulation.

It's another diversion.

Are you playing? Have fun ... Be careful ...

Believe it to not, I've never played a game on an app.

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Joie, Tracy and Giovanni today in Mesa, AZ.

Visiting a hair salon before school starts there in two weeks. Looking good ladies.

The perfect braid.

Visiting "History by George" owned by an antique dealer
for the past 50 years. George is originally from NY.

Joie's brother Giovanni (black Tee-shirt), and his BFF Cole
(both turning 16 in August and Juniors in High School), are history buffs.