Monday, July 18, 2016

The Unconventional Convention
Day 1

We come to the start of an important week in American history - highlighted by the unconventional 2016 Republican National Convention where anything can happen. The old ways are ending which many of us can embrace, but are giving way to another set of bipolar experiences that try human consciousness. Nothing makes sense. We are lost and disconnected unable to find someone at this point to lead us out of the growing chaos, because there is no one, never was. This is all part of the illusion of time and space.

By now you should realize we are experiencing End Times - where the end of TIME leads to freedom. There is no date just experiences and their emotional components telling us it won't be long. Expect more craziness in time and be careful. Prepare for that which you can - such as natural disasters and avoiding people who are stuck in negative emotions. No one is here to save the planet or the souls. It is just a holographic illusion set in the concept to Time for experience. Be cool.

The RNC overlaps with Comic Con San Diego. Is there a message here ... Our reality is a Sci-fi experience?

Some say Trump is un-American. What does being American mean today? It's all about taking down secret societies and others who have ruled American politics behind closed doors forever ... the deals ... the bribes ... and more. Trump and Pence enter this week's convention in Cleveland as one of the most dissimilar presidential tickets in modern political history. At the same time, differences with Trump are keeping some senators away ... the Establishment is going ... going .... On the convention floor, Republicans are likely to amplify Trump's law-and-order campaign theme. Outside, half of Cleveland's downtown is under restrictions, as the city prepares for protesters of all stripes.