Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Democratic National Convention
Day 1

Some people are sick of our political rhetoric and Senior Citizen Reality show, while others are enjoying it, all the while realizing we don't have a qualified candidate, which as you and I know is all part of a grander design (algorithm).

If Hillary Clinton loses the election - email will be a strong contributing factor. On the matter of Wikileaks and the Democratic Party supporting Hillary, it stands to reason that they would for several reason. First, she is a Democrat and second, she became their strongest choice. If Joe Biden had run, things could have turned out differently, but he recognized that he is too old and too tired. Last of all, The Powers That Be call all the shots.

In a time for unity - fractures in the Democratic party were exposed as Bernie supporters booed when he urged them to vote for Hillary Clinton even after Democratic National Committee emails released by WikiLeaks show how donors are coaxed and flattered, and give a glimpse of party power brokers and their sometimes contentious relationship with the news media. Russian intelligence agencies are suspected in the hacking, and metadata from the released emails suggests that the documents passed through Russian computers. That raises questions about whether the Kremlin is supporting Donald Trump. So many "back door" deals ... as we all grow weary of their games.

Bernie strongly opposed Hillary's policies for so long, it is hard for his supporters to believe he suddenly supports her. Actually I don't know that is the case. Bernie, like many of us, does not want Trump to be president. I am not sure what "meeting of the minds" Bernie and Hillary have agreed on, but he is supporting her just as many in the Republican Party, who had sent terrible things about Trump, are now supporting him ... favors, back-door agreement, other enticements.

Outside the arena, there were loud but not violent protests by people who came to see history in the making. They booed Bernie's choice to support Hillary and Debbie Wasserman Schultz at a meeting of the delegation of her home-state, Florida, and even the pastor who delivered the convention's invocation. There were celebrities and politicians endorsing Hillary by trying to convince skeptics that she will make the country better. It really is about defeating Trump who I still see winning. WINNING - maybe we should elect Charlie Sheen after all, his dad Martin played a president.

Let's go to other Keynote speeches from Day 1

Sunday on "Meet the Press", among the things Bernie referenced was Glass-Steagall

And then there's Stephen ... can't have a political blog without him.
Watched the show this morning ... very funny.

On to Day 2 - more speeches that will never convince me Hillary is not
"Crooked Establishment Hillary" and a pawn/spawn in a greater game.