Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tuesday Politics and
Senior Moments

Yes indeed ... as we all predicted ... So rigged ...

This whole FBI scenario is an insult to our intelligence. FBI director doesn't recommend charges against Hillary Clinton. Trump is a joke and Hillary is a liar. One still needs to consider that the Trump fiasco may have been contrived to get Hillary elected.

When Trump announced he was running last June I saw him running against Hillary in the general election. Bear in mind he is 70 and she will be 70 ... Senior Moments.... Remember when she fell, had a concussion and conveniently took 6 months off in 2014? Benghazi timeline...

The Republican National Convention begins Monday July 18. The DNC will be held July 25-28, 2016 in Philadelphia ... The cracked Liberty Bell is symbolic of our broken system. In any and all scenarios and realities none of it makes sense. If today was election day ... I wouldn't vote especially knowing the hologram is dictating the final outcome.