Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Master Plan

We all keep up with conspiracy theories about secret governing bodies that control every aspect of what happens on the planet. This helps explain the rise to power of people like Hitler whose time line connects with time travel and a whole host of biogenetic experiments and projects that perpetuated the time loop that was to have ended. Was there alien intervention? Yes ... mostly in the form of Gray aliens for the 20th century insert... to keep us busy and bring forth the Age of Technology.

The answers go beyond alien/human interaction/intervention to the very origins of the hologram ... the Illusion of Time and ending the experiment once and for all. It's like games within games that recycle. It explains many of our memories/dreams/visions.

As you look at what is presented for us to play out today you find parallels between central characters who wanted to conquer time/time travel - like the Pharaoh's (Pyramids, Sphinx), Hitler (underground experiments out of Bavaria) and others from all ancient civilizations who could move through time (consciousness grids).

We have no control over who becomes the next president or anything else for that matter. Trump holds the same energies as Hitler - therefore his presence could recycle the loop. Then there's Hillary - another pawn in the experiment who represents those who want power and money in established paradigms that no longer align in our timeline. Trump and Hillary are programmed/indoctrinated to believe they can fix things. Though once friends - they remain adversaries until this hologram closes.

TIME is - and always has been the Key to the algorithm of our design. Humans have dabbled with time travel - in the many variations - for as long as the hologram existed. There have been natural wormholes and those manmade. Some are documented ... other remaining cold cases ... as people disappear each year. Humans go in and out of physical bodies ... living and dying ... just experiences ...

Since WWII time travel has been explored by many countries - inroads made - but as in Germany not controlled. Sometimes things seem to screw up like flight MH 370 which got caught in a temporal distortion. Yesterday NBC news reported that the truth about the incident may never be known. True. First the government created fake alleged debris from the flight. Now they are making it look like the pilot did it as they placed a practice mission on his home computer. No way says his family and Ellie. Everything about the pilot came into evidence when the plane disappeared. He is not guilty. What a terrible way to slander his name and that of his suffering family.

There is a link/wormhole that I am connected to that exists between the hologram's inserts to the Great Pyramid's secrets, the Sphinx in Leo, and the Nazi Time Travel experiments.

In 1983 I was 40 years old ... a key number in the grids. That year my memories were triggered when Andrea, a fellow teacher and professional psychic, told me I was involved with a "Master Plan". In that instant, my consciousness jolted out of my body as information flooded my mind including my UFO experience in 1954. Bear in mind I never drink or drug, do anything to alter my consciousness, and have never been on meds. I was new to the world of metaphysics and this came out of the blue as Andrea and I sat talking. In a reading we had done a few months prior she had predicted many things about me, which seemed ridiculous to me at the time, but came to pass. She said she had never done a reading on anyone like me, citing Z as Zoroaster my guide, many past lives, and more. She also saw the gala at Hitler's place ... which later would be retold to me by other psychics, remote viewers, students, and friends.

Since that time, I have met many people who were part of (remember) the Nazi timeline and experiments. We all have the same memories of an event where Hitler hosted a gala in a castle in Bavaria replete with underground chambers and portals. I am often amazed how novices to metaphysics see me there, knowing nothing about me, yet there I am appearing then disappearing, either in the guise of Ellie Crystal or a scientist named Joseph Mandelbaum.

One of those people is my friend Rick, in Texas, who was also at the gala, and felt compelled to call me yesterday. Like others we talked about Donald Trump and the Hitler connection ... then suddenly he used the term Master Plan and as he did, for the second time in my life, my consciousness jolted out of my body as images were shown again ... and doorways to other connections to which I am linked, opened.

The time loop is about to hit Zero Point Closure so let's hope we don't have to reboot again. I am not sure if the next president makes a difference in any of it. For now things play out and reality becomes more disconnected.

I don't meditate, overthink, discuss, or wonder about the details as long as things are moving towards closing this time (loop) around. I don't want to replay this yet again.

I am here because of a virtual reality experiment I have partaken in. Like everyone else, the mission is to wake up to the illusion. Whether we are in a simulation chamber, or something far more evolved that I cannot define, I am here to that end. That is my part in this story ....