Friday, July 6, 2018

Beryl - The Hurricane and the Crystal

A strange thing happened this morning before I posted about Tropical Storm Beryl

I was changing the linens on my bed when I clearly heard my friend Ron, in Naples Florida, say to me, "I'm hunkering down. A storm is coming." This was not just a thought in my mind but I actually could feel his presence in the room. I turned to see if he was there but he wasn't.

Back at the computer I found the link for Hurricane Beryl then called Ron.

He looked up the word beryl and said it was a crystal. I have never had an experience where someone was in the room near me who wasn't deceased and then there's the crystal connection especially as my last name is Crystal.

Beryl crystals are hexagons (6 sides) which takes us to the Star of David, and all that goes with it to create physical reality in the sacred geometry of time. This article goes into the lattices, etc.

The Spiral Bands of a hurricane are where more rain is found. Radiating outward from the eye wall one can see a banded structure within the clouds. These clouds are called either spiral rain bands (or spiral bands). Consciousness moves in spirals.