Thursday, July 5, 2018

The Last Straw

I've blogged about some pretty unusual things over the past 23 years - including which way toilet paper should come off the roller (over the top) - and now of all the ridiculous topics who would have ever imagined I'd be blogging about Plastic Straws.

Many people are talking about the ban on them amid a growing effort across the globe to cut back on plastics that are dumped in the ocean every day. Okay ... I got it. No more plastic straws.

Some will find creative replacements for plastic straws that are considered organic ... or not.

Does anyone else remember paper straws? Maybe they should bring them back. I remember them in all different colors and flavors.

... Let's see if New York is banning plastic straws ... Ellie searching ... not yet from what I just read but the trend is growing everywhere including restaurants, airlines, food markets, and many offices.

Focus on "Straws" if you must be part of a movement to ban them. Check out the pros and cons and the scandals surrounding EPA Chief Scott Pruit who resigned today after months of ethics controversies. Knock yourself out with the latest thing wrong with our reality. Find a conspiracy.

I'll just sit back and enjoy the only thing I drink ... bottled water which comes in plastic and may be harmful to my health. Think I'll get a bottle and relax. Bye till the next blog ...

Linda and Ellie drinking bottled water yesterday ... no straws .. no stress

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