Thursday, July 19, 2018

They're coming for you

As I updated my blogs this morning - last night's Rachel Maddow Show played in the background. Yesterday I took a day off from politics as we all have to do from time to time - the events too off-the-wall for the best of us.

In recent days we've seen Trump siding with Putin to the point that we shake our heads and say, "Why can't somebody do something about him?" Oh wait ... he is an end-time diversion in the simulation. (Okay Ellie ... Move on ... Back to typing).

No wait ! I rewound the interview because I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Trump would actually consider turning Michael McFaul over to Putin? Trump's playing a very dangerous game that has to backfire no matter what secret society, game plan, or whatever is controlling him.

Remember the simpler times when Trump was about ... Trump vs Stormy, Trump vs. Mueller, Trump vs Racism, Trump vs.Immigration, Trump vs the Press, Trump vs America, etc. Always in the background was his love of Putin. Be carefully Donny. They're coming for you.

Swalwell warns Trump not to send ex-ambassador to Russia   CNN - July 19, 2018

Why I blog about politics which is not my thing ...

I hate politics for the very same reasons most do - the BS factor of conspiracies and lies which is the basis of the experiment. I go days without Trump updates, but in lieu of current events, I have to make comments. I usually keep my objectivity in so far as I know this is all part of an illusion.

Based on the number of readers to my blog, and other daily posts, I look upon these events as another way to allow readers to know (remember) how close we are to closure and make sense of what's going on when so many can't. It's why I update Earth Changes so often, as they too are triggers of remembering and awakening.

It's not all about healing and energy and the pseudoscience part of the equation but about being a bit more pragmatic and putting the pieces of the puzzle together based on 3D facts/reminders.

As Crystalinks comes to its 23rd anniversary next month, those along for the ride, understand as they have found answers here, with other experiences, and their genetic codes have independently brought them this point in the human experiment. Tick tock ...