Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Ellie and Shirley - #GirlsHavingFun

Life is more than the craziness you read about today.

Champagne Toast to 25 Years of Friendship

Ponytail Pics

Another friend named Shirley sketches in this style.
Hanging a painting named Shirley in my apartment. Is it level?

Ellie and Shirley at home. Purple works for us.

Last week I met a gorgeous young woman in the lobby of my building who was trying to take a selfie. Ellie to the rescue as she posed and I snapped pics with her phone. Fun stuff. Then she told me she had just done a photo shoot for L'Oreal. Impressive. I asked why she didn't live in the city to which she responded that the craziness was too much for her. Welcome to reality.