Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday the 13th, Trump in Europe, More ...

About Friday the 13th

Definitions, Mythology, History, Superstitions,
Science and Number 13, Pseudoscience

Do you see a good luck or bad luck day for yourself or don't you believe in superstitions? I believe in programmed events and experiences.

Let's see what else influences us today ... Ah yes the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer - emotional time to say the least.

Friday the 13th takes us to - France, Bastille Day tomorrow, and current European connections if we have any left.

Europe highlights this week with Trump's visit to the 2018 NATO summit.. Is there anybody he hasn't antagonized during this time ... Oh wait ... Next week he visits Putin though he is historically unprepared for this meeting. What does Putin have on him or is it that Putin is one of the richest and most powerful men in the world?

Trump's behavior never ceases to amaze the world from justifying the behavior of the world's worst dictators to alienated the good guys. Who will he challenge on Friday the 13th? The answer Queen Elizabeth - Go get him Liz.

Trump lands at Prestwick for Turnberry stay   BBC - July 13, 2018

Russians indicted over US election hack   BBC - July 13, 2018

One more memo on France ... On Sunday at 11 AM Eastern time we find the World Cup finals as France takes on Croatia for the title.