Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Small Tornado Over Brooklyn
Fade to Black at the White House

Last month lightning hit the roof of my building and now, not far from here, a tornado touched down. The wind swirled around me as I went to get water from the grocery store across the street returning home as the first drops of rain fell. It was like a scene out of the Wizard of Oz and I was playing the role of Dorothy. (So many metaphors with that film and reality ... including reality being a dream and the WiZard of OZ).

My daughters Zsia and Nikki were both in lower Manhattan for work today - upper floors of different buildings - saw the tornado and felt the vibrations. They both said it was pretty crazy. Video: Storms cause travel nightmare for thousands across the East Coast as funnel cloud forms over Brooklyn

Through lightning and thunder - I turned on the TV and there was Trump trying to clarify his two hour meeting with Putin in Helsinki yesterday that brought shame to him and the US. Read my blog here.

As Trump spoke, the White House Cabinet Room suddenly went dark - a "Fade to Black Moment" perhaps a premonition of things to come - as Trump voiced "Full Faith" in US Intelligence Agencies.

Due to the heavy thunderstorms my TV reception was a bit 'sketchy' just like the guy talking.

And so the rain gods spoke as lightning and thunder prevailed and the people remained angry.

"Oya" Ellie was heard to say. No ... not Oy vey. Oya - goddess of winds, lightning, and violent storms, death and rebirth. She is a warrior and unbeatable.