Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Last Day of July 2018

We come to the end of July or as some people consider it the midway point of the summer in the northern hemisphere ... and what a bumpy ride it has been.

You can blame it on astrology, numerology, mythology, the trickster at play in Donald Trump, the personal events that have taken place in your life, the fact that everybody agrees that the world as going crazy, or whatever else you say to describe the comings and goings of July 2018.

August is never tame ... a New Moon / Solar Eclipse 18° Leo ahead on 8/11.

Take some time for yourself in a way that brings peace to your soul and meaning to this experience for you as all sorts of issues highlight moving toward Virgo Transition on August 23.

Stay safe if you live in an area ravaged by climate change and natural disasters. They are no longer events that you read about from time to time in the news. They've reduced to daily events headed for a dramatic climax not too far down on the timelines.

Watch the video then replay with your eyes closed