Sunday, July 8, 2018

It's About the Children

Saturday 7/7 the temps hit a pleasant 77° in New Jersey as i spent the day with my children and grandchildren. We need more of this type of weather as it lifts the body, mind and soul in the midst of severe climate changes. It allows you to understand why people move to California, though today they deal with ongoing wildfires and power loses as temperatures swell over 100°.

After lunch at a local restaurant, where news crew sometimes gather to film NJ events, my grandsons Michael and Dylan went off the play basketball with their friends as Zsia, Jon, and I relaxed on the deck. The boys returned as the World Cup went into overtime ... Croatia knocking Russia out of the 2018 World Cup quarterfinals.

Adjusting the umbrella before relaxing

Blending in with the scenery

My grandsons appreciate how fortunate they are.
Dylan's new 2018 jeep. Love the auto brake feature. Drive safely (he does).

The Yale Experience

Sunday afternoon - Just dropped my grandson Matthew, turning 15 this month, off at Yale University for two weeks of study in biology as he's thinking of becoming a doctor. He was thrilled to get accepted into the program. Matthew scored his own room then there's a common room in the middle shared with five other boys. They already gave him scrubs. I've never seen him this happy. Have fun Matthew... Growing up so fast. Good Bye Mom ... Empty nest moment. It feels like yesterday that we dropped his mom Nikki off at Syracuse.

Saving Other Children

The world follows the rescue of 12 Thai boys trapped in a cave and the

removal of over 2,000 children from their parents by the
Trump administration now trapped in a bureaucratic cave.