Thursday, July 5, 2018

Freedom - Coming Full Circle in Coney Island

Happy July 4, 2018 ... Hope you're having as much fun as we are.

2 Grandma slices for 2 Grannies - Linda and Ellie

At 6:36 PM Linda and I met up with her children in Coney Island having fun on the rides among other things Coney Island is noted for.

Linda and I are born two weeks apart (Aquarians). Her last name starts with a Z. We met as little girls in Coney Island at PS 80, living three blocks apart, this July 4th bringing us full circle. As you know my story centers around July 4th in Coney Island and of course time travel, fate returning me here on this date not by accident.

You may recall Linda was the friend I was talking to last November - about reality fading to black - when the video card on my computer suddenly died and the monitor faded to black. I enjoy watching the metaphoric synchronicities unfold knowing ... each tick of the clock bringing us one step closer to the end of our presence in Time.


Does everything have to be a political statement these days? Apparently so.

There was a large police presence as always in Coney Island. Not far away helicopters could be seen hovering over the Statue of Liberty which was closed due to this unraveling story ... A woman climbed the base of the Statue of Liberty on the Fourth of July to protest migrant family separations. The country is in a bad space right now based on decisions by President Trump about issues that after decades, if not centuries, have not reached resolution - when in fact there are no solutions just dramas that unfold into other dramas. I often refer to physical reality as "Drama Central".

We know the symbolism and history of the Statue of Liberty - a monument just across from The World Trade Center - where Liberty and Freedom should reign but you know what happened/happens to rock the boat.